Running into logistical issues with your online quorum meetings?

Rebus’ solution helps you run your online board meetings, investor gatherings, committee meetings, and more.

Rebus’ Digital Event solution takes care of everything

Takes attendance so you don’t have to

It can even discern a weighted quorum.

Conducts voting with various functionalities

Attendees can vote to approve documents like the previous meeting minutes. If you have weighted voting, this platform will make it easier than ever.

Automates the meeting minutes, leaving everyone in the call free to participate

Meeting minutes are easier than ever before with AI, we are able to automatically generate easy-to-read meeting minutes.

Manages document sharing seamlessly

Attendees can interact with documents that the host has shared.

Allows for online signatures during meeting

No need to fumble through external platforms to get documents officially signed, now you can manage this within one platform.

Saves a digital recording of the meeting

 We know your records are important to maintain. With our solution, you can have a digital copy on hand for reference whenever you might need it.