The present document establishes the conditions that will apply for the use of the mobile app Rebus (from this point the name of the app), to be operated by REBUS EVENT TECH, INC., a UNITED STATE company based in the state of Delaware. (from this point referred to as REBUS EVENT).

The app will work as a new channel allowing to carry out certain activities described further on, as means to facilitate access to clients of REBUS EVENT.

The user commits to reading the terms and conditions set out herein before entering the app, therefore it is assumed that, having entered, they are fully aware of this document and thus accept the totality of what it stipulates.

The user acknowledges that the entering of personal data and information provided for the app regarding active products for the companies of REBUS EVENT in United State is done voluntarily by those who opt to gain access to this app in the country or outside national territories. In addition, said proceedings are done on self-initiative and must comply with local laws, to the extent such laws are applicable, along with the user declaring legal age of majority.



The user of the app understands and accepts that, although the app is operated by REBUS EVENT TECH, INC.., the information therein contained will refer to its commercial and contractual bond with the company REBUS EVENT TECH, INC. (from this point REBUS EVENT). Therefore, the functionalities offered by the app will be provided by the company according to said association.  

Within the app, information will be put forward for the CLIENT that will allow certain transactions, enabled by REBUS EVENT for each particular product, to take place. The user accepts, by entering the app, that REBUS EVENT may add, modify or eliminate the functionalities at any time.

The response times, procedures, and other requests from the user through the app will be processed in compliance with the specifications of each active product with REBUS EVENT.

The user accepts and authorizes that the electronic record from the previously mentioned activities done within the app is regarded as full prove of itself.



The user must have a Smartphone or Tablet with an Android or IOS operating system, with access to the internet, both secure and trustworthy. REBUS EVENT will not be held responsible for the security of the devices owned by the user to access the channel, nor for the availability of the service provided by the devices into which the app is downloaded.

REBUS EVENT does not assume responsibility for direct, indirect, or consequential loss of the app’s use, for which the user will, along with the information therein included, be solely responsible. As permitted by law, the material from the app is provided without any kind of guarantee, implicit or otherwise, including but not limited to satisfactory quality guarantees, marketability, adaptation for a particular use or non-infraction. For this reason, REBUS EVENT does not insure the proper functioning of the app within the different operating systems or devices from where it is used.

REBUS EVENT does not take responsibility for any viruses that may affect the user’s device after accessing audio, video, data, or text from the site.



The user undertakes using the app and the contents it provides in a diligent, correct and licit manner, and especially, they commit NOT to engage in any of the conducts described below.

-(a) Using contents in an unlawful manner, for illegal purposes, or contrary to the moral values generally accepted within public order.

-(b) Reproducing, copying, representing, using, distributing, transforming or modifying the contents of the app by any procedure or on any medium, totally or partially, or permitting public access through any means of public communication.

-(c) Using the contents in any way that may damage the app or render it useless.

-(d) Suppressing, eluding, or manipulating the copyright or any other data within the contents identifying the copyright, along with technical safety devices, or any other information mechanisms that the contents may have.

-(e) Using the contents, and particularly the information of any kind obtained from the app to distribute, transmit, repost, modify or reuse for the purpose of forwarding advertisements, commercial communications, unsolicited messages to various individuals, regardless of the purpose, and selling or distributing in any manner whatsoever such information.

-(f) Allowing anyone other than them to enter the app with their password.

-(g) Using the app and its contents in an unlawful manner, or contrary to that established in these Terms and Conditions and to the proper use of the app itself, damaging it, rendering it useless, overloading it or deteriorating it and its contents, or preventing it and its content’s normal usage and/or enjoyment by the users.



All informational, graphic, advertisement, photographic, multimedia, audiovisual  and design material, as well as all contents, texts and data bases placed at the disposal of the user in the app are protected by copyright and/or industrial property whose owner is REBUS EVENT, or its subsidiary and associated companies, and in some cases, third parties that have authorized their use or exploitation. Furthermore, the use within the app of material belonging to third parties is expressly authorized by law or by said third parties. All contents of the app are protected by laws and regulations on copyright and all national and international laws and regulations applicable.

Apart from that expressly stipulated in these Terms and Conditions, any and all act of copy, reproduction, modification, derivative work, sale or distribution, exhibition of the app’s contents, in any way or by any mean, including but not limited to electronic or mechanic media, photocopy, recording or any other kind is hereby forbidden without previous written consent from REBUS EVENT or the owner of the respective rights.

By no mean do these Terms and Conditions grant rights, licenses or authorizations to commit the acts previously banned. Any unauthorized use of the contents will constitute a violation of the present document, current regulations on copyright, current national and international laws and regulations on Industrial Property, and any other applicable.



The user will be able to read, visualize, print and download their products’ material.

No part of the app will be permitted for reproduction, transmission, or storage in another website or other forms of electronic recovery system.

Whether it be specifically recognizable or not, all commercial brands, service brands, and visible logos in this app are ownership of the REBUS EVENT company group, its promotional partners, or third parties.

REBUS EVENT does not intervene, make decisions, nor does it provide guarantee on any relations that users may have, or links with third parties that may advertise or promote their products and services. These third-party brands are solely used to identify the products and services of their respective owners and such use does not constitute or imply their sponsorship, endorsement, or approval by REBUS EVENT.



Links to Facebook®, Instagram®, and Twitter® in this app may show content that is not under REBUS EVENT´s control.

Even though this app from REBUS EVENT tries to provide links only to third party apps and sites that comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as with REBUS EVENT ´s norms, the user must understand that REBUS EVENT has no control over the nature and content of said sites and is not recommending them, the information they contain, or their products and services.

REBUS EVENT accepts no responsibility for the contents in third party sites to which there are hypertext links and offers no guarantee (implicit or otherwise) regarding the content of information in said sites.

It is the user’s responsibility to verify the legal and privacy policies of some of the other REBUS EVENT sites or third party sites with which they become linked.

REBUS EVENT takes no responsibility for direct, indirect, or consequential loss for use of a third-party site.



REBUS EVENT respects the privacy of those who visit its online sites and apps, in case of collecting personal data from them.



REBUS EVENT shall aim to ensure availability, continuity or the overall well-functioning of the app. REBUS EVENT shall block, interrupt, or restrict access to the app when considered necessary for its improvement or given that the app is shut down.

It is recommended that the user take proper measures, and act diligently, when accessing the app, by counting on protection programs, antivirus, malware and spyware handling, and similar tools.

REBUS EVENT will not be held responsible for: a) Lack of diligence and/or irresponsible use of the app by the user; b) Incidents of force majeure or fortuitous events; c) Loss, miscarriage, o theft of user’s mobile device that results in third parties accessing the app; d) Errors in data input while accessing by the client; e) Damages from loss of profit, consequential damage or moral damage; f) Delays, failure to process information, suspension in the user’s mobile operator’s service, or damages to mobile devices.



In the event that a user should breach or not comply with the Terms and Conditions, REBUS EVENT shall suspend their access to the app.



The user accepts expressly the Terms and Conditions, as being an essential condition under which use of the app is permitted. In the event in which the user does not agree with these Terms and Conditions, we request leaving the app immediately. REBUS EVENT may modify the present terms and conditions, for which it will notify the app users by announcing on its website, or through other electronic means, social networks, SMS and/or email, assuming that the user accepts such modifications by continuing to use the app.



These Terms and Conditions, along with all else regarding this app, are operated under Colombian law.



REBUS EVENT also collects non-personal information as aggregates for following data, such as the total amount of times the app is accessed. We utilize such information, that remains in aggregate form, in order to understand the behavior of the app. We may also share such information with the other REBUS EVENT companies.




An Internet Protocol address (IP) is a set of numbers assigned automatically to your mobile device when you access your internet service provider, through the local area net (LAN) of your organization, or the wide area net (WAN). Web servers automatically identify your device with the IP address assigned to it during its online session.

REBUS EVENT shall collect IP addresses for the purpose of system administration or to audit the use of our site, all in accordance with the authorization of data protection subscribed to that end. Normally, we do not link the IP address of a user to their personal information, meaning that each user’s session is registered, but the user remains anonymous to us. However, we shall use IP addresses to identify users of our site when necessary, to ensure compliance of the site’s terms of use, or to protect our service, site, or other users.



REBUS EVENT is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. REBUS EVENT is endowed with security mechanisms that seek to ensure the protection of personal data, as for permitting access only to authorized staff and systems. This also ensures protection against loss, improper use, and alteration of personal data under our control.

Except for as indicated below, only authorized staff has access to the information provided to us. Furthermore, we have set up strict rules for employees at REBUS EVENT who have access to the databases containing user information or to the servers that host our services. While we cannot fully guarantee that there will be no loss, misuse, or alteration of data, we do all that we can to prevent this from happening.

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